Our Companies

Rick Minkus Farms, Inc.

Rick, Joe, & Tom Minkus

Half of the onions grown in New York State come from the rich farmlands of southeastern New York State’s Orange County. Rick Minkus Farms, Inc. is the largest onion producer in that county. Constant investment in new technology, equipment for both production as well as storage, and using the latest methodology has allowed the farm to sustain its rapid growth without sacrificing any of the quality.

East Coast Spring Mix, Inc.

East Coast Spring Mix Inc. is owned and operated by Rick and his two sons, along with good friend Lewis J. Myruski III. East Coast Spring Mix specializes in growing a variety of lettuces and grain crops. These crops are harvested and sold wholesale to packers and exporters. Some of the lettuces that are grown include spinach, arugula, red leaf, kale, mizuna, and baby romaine.